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Degree in aerospace engineering

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In the framework of a Flight Simulator and new P180 version programs flight test activities to be undertaken on Company Experimental Aircraft the resource shall accomplish the following tasks:

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding aircraft system design and operation, including aircraft configuration management
  • Ensure the complete management of the experimental aircraft for its Airworthiness.
  • Review and keep updated the documentation feature of the aircraft.
  • Ensure the introduction on the aircraft under management changes and/or controls required by applicable S.B., A. D.
  • Supervise the installation of equipment necessary to run the test flights by providing clear, concise instructions to operations staff or support personnel on a daily basis.
  • Guarantee work execution according to EASA and Company Quality procedures and instructions from Project engineer, Crew Chief or supervisor
  • Perform activities and meet the goals and objectives established by the Design Office and Flight Test organization and maintain a broad perspective of operational conditions affecting the safety of the assigned activities as a matter of highest priority
  • o Request and coordinate the activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance planned with internal/external Authorized Institutions.
  • Record Keeping of maintenance operation performed
  • Employ technical personnel properly trained in the maintenance and flight line.
  • Ensure use of appropriate equipment for the activities scheduled for experimental flight requests.
  • Require the issuance of insurance policies needed for experimental aircraft, personnel and the means used in the tests.
  • Run, depending on the type of aircraft, their use and for parts of its jurisdiction, all actions necessary for the issuance by the competent authority of the flight authorization documentation.
  • o Issue the prototype “As Modified” configuration document as per para 5.1
  • Maintain an archive of maintenance, boarding and landing equipment and recordings
  • Review Project design and other documents for, maintenance and testing impacts, repair methods and provide comments within area of expertise
  • Ensure all activities are performed safely and within the limits of applicable permits and licenses, the documented safety analysis, and applicable technical safety requirements.
  • Communicate with other company organizations to ensure activities are started and completed as scheduled and coordinate parts and hardware availability for experimental aircraft configuration changes/maintenance.
  • o Supervise troubleshoot issues, individually or with Flight Test Engineer or Experimental Pilot


  • Degree in aerospace engineering;
  • Previous demonstrable experimental flight test line management for a civil or military organization including prior Developmental Test (DT) or Operational Test (OT) experience is highly desired with a minimum 7-10 years.
  • Experience as Experimental Engineer on experimental airplane is desired as well as experience in certification process (CS23/FAR23).
  • Experience and knowledge of flight testing process and knowledge of aircraft flight mechanics, systems, structures, ground, and flight test procedures is highly desired.
  • A background in / experience with aircraft configuration changes process and management of As-Built Configuration is highly desired.
  • Must be able to lead a team of specialized mechanics and electrical operators to solve complex aircraft integration problems.



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