SIPAL has always had a predisposition for data and information protection in its very DNA, offering its customers the experience of forty years, fully aware of how CYBER SECURITY has become one of the key factors in safeguarding the sensitive information of both the Public Administration and private companies.

Now more than ever, cyber security is the field on which the battle to safeguard the heritage of sensitive information of the Public Administration and private businesses will be won: SIPAL has always worked in this field and has developed targeted organisational, technical and procedural measures for ensuring the protection of IT systems and of the processed classified information.


Our company has been designing, approving and distributing TEMPEST hardware and peripherals, all made in Italy, since 2018.
At present, it is the first Italian NATO BOA Partner Company to be listed as a TEMPEST certified supplier in the NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue (NIAPC).

Our skills

Design, Production, Distribution

of TEMPEST hardware and peripherals (All-In-One PCs, Desktop PCs, Laptop PCs, Workstations, Monitors, Multi-functions, Servers, Switches, Transceivers, Video Conferencing System) according to the different classification levels (Level A, B, C) in the reference standards.
TEMPEST Facility Zoning: a procedure designed to determine the level of risk of an environment where sensitive information is to be processed. An activity carried out by our qualified personnel before installing TEMPEST devices, to establish the level of the device to be used to limit compromising emissions.
TEMPEST Equipment Zoning, a procedure that determines the emission level of a device according to the reference regulations. This activity takes place in our National Security Authority approved laboratory.


In line with the highest and most up-to-date security measures and standards adopted at the international level, SIPAL is institutionally acknowledged as a reference point for information protection engineering (National – NATO – EU).
Our staff provides all-round support to customers in the realization of security areas and shielded rooms, whether military or civil, in the creation of classified networks, certified sites and secure IT systems, according to the required security level.
SIPAL brings together all its technical and scientific skills in the study and design of these products, and the preparation of the documentation necessary for their approval. Moreover, our qualified personnel with thirty years of experience in the sector provides all-round support to customers in the turnkey realization of security areas and shielded rooms; a team that can support both military and civilian customers in creating classified networks, approved sites and secure IT systems according to the required classification level.

Our offer

Physical and Information Security

  • Classified data network design and realisation.
  • Classified infrastructure design and realisation (Class I and II reserved areas, shielded areas, CIS areas, COMSEC areas).
  • Assistance in the production of documentation for the approval of secure areas (physical risk assessment, residual risk analysis, CIS risk assessment, internal security regulations, COMSEC plans).
  • Shielded room maintenance and verification.
  • Electronic data encryption device design and production.
  • Organization of courses on information security, security assessment and certification processes.


SIPAL’s Assessment Centre (Centro di Valutazione – Ce.Va) is now fully accredited with the Department of Information Security (DIS) – Central office for Secrecy, with full clearance for the laboratory and its team of cybersecurity specialists
Our credentials

Specialists and Laboratory

  • Assessment services to obtain, maintain and renew security certification for ICT systems/products processing classified information.
  • Security support services before, during and after certification: risk assessment, definition of security requirements, policies and objectives, design support, documentation support in accordance with Common Criteria standards.
  • Support to essential services operators and providers in fulfilling the requirements of the National Cybernetic Security Perimeter: ontological design, ICT assets list, architecture description, risk analysis, implementation of minimum security measures, support in test required by the National Certification Centre (CVCN).
  • Support in application of the National Cybersecurity and Data Protection Framework.
  • Support in the secure management of Core Services.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test to assess known vulnerabilities in ICT environments.