SIPAL’s Engineering Department specializes in work package management for the aerospace industry and the provision of on-site consulting services.

Its specialized staff designs and supports complex flight systems ranging from advanced defence aircraft to military and civilian transport aircraft, from aircraft for mission systems to unmanned aircraft.


Sipal has taken part in all the military aircraft programs developed in Italy over the last thirty years and, thanks to the professionalism of its employees, plays key roles in international programs like the Eurofighter Typhoon, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the PANAVIA Tornado, the Piaggio MPA multi-role patrol aircraft and the Neuron European UCAV demonstrator.

The experience gained with the major players in the production of Aerospace and Defence systems gives it the tools to interpret and anticipate customer needs, manage the integral definition of the product and customer service activities.

Our experience

National and International Projects

  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Primary and secondary structures
  • System installation
  • Linear and non-linear static analyses
  • Modal and vibrational analysis
  • Instability analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • CFD Analysis


SIPAL has established itself as the undisputed leader in the provision of a range of services from design to the turnkey supply of equipment and AGEs for ground support of military aircraft.

In the commercial vehicles sector, SIPAL has been and still is a leading provider of engineering and support services, ranging from Logistic Support for Training activities and production, and currently provides design and logistic support for state-of-the-art aircraft like the Boeing 787, Airbus A350 and Bombardier C-Series.

Our offer

Design and Construction

  • Processing and assembly equipment test-sets/test equipment
  • Welding, assembly and handling lines
  • Ground equipment (AGE and MGSE)
  • Training systems
  • Assembly and welding processes
  • Equipment prototyping
  • Robotic lines and islands
  • Automatic mechanical assembly lines
  • Automated systems in general, pick-up, manipulators
  • Seal testing machines


SIPAL is involved in primary and secondary design of military and civilian aircraft in all phases, from analysis to design and realisation of the construction drawings. In terms of primary design, our engineers are specialized in fuselages, spars, strut frames, doors and floors, wings and tail planes, including both the fixed and moving parts.
On the other hand, our secondary design activities include environment control systems, fuel control systems, hydraulic and electrical system installations, avionics and electromechanical systems and cable routing definition, as well as electric and electronic for which we also provide installation services.

Our skills

Structural analysis

  • Linear and non-linear static analyses
  • Modal and vibrational analysis
  • Instability analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • CFD Analysis
  • Metallurgical analysis
  • Composite materials analysis
  • Sandwich panel analysis
  • Hyperelastic materials analysis


SIPAL applies innovative methods and tools for the design and management of assembly lines for the current production context characterized by high-level complexity, short lead times and adaptability to unforeseen events.

Our skills

Production and Assembly engineering

  • Production and assembly cycle and macro-cycle development and analysis
  • Process Feasibility analysis and Manufacturing Support
  • Definition of times and methods
  • Ground Training Aids
  • Virtual process simulation
  • Lay-out design
  • Simultaneous Engineering
  • Studi di fattibilità
  • Metodi di bloccaggio e riferimento elementi
  • Analisi tempi e sequenze
  • Cartellini operativi