SIPAL has been a leader in the Automotive sector since the early ‘eighties, when the company, working with clients of the likes of FIAT AUTO and ALFA ROMEO, began developing its specialization in the preparation of technical support documentation for automobiles, heavy industrial vehicles, special vehicles and motor vehicles in general.

SIPAL has also worked closely with ASTRA VEICOLI INDUSTRIALI, providing Product Support services for both civilian and military vehicles, thanks to its particular experience in the military field, which demands specific security clearance in terms of both human resources and the areas where these activities are conducted.


SIPAL is also at the forefront in supporting Stellantis and some of its historical suppliers (Harman, Continental, Panasonic, Aptiv, Mitsubishi, Magneti Marelli) in the localization of On-board Panels and Infotainment platforms.

Display texts, Voice and Audio commands deriving from Text-To-Speech have been localized in more than twenty-five languages all over the world and are constantly maintained and updated by SIPAL experts who also handle laboratory and in-car testing for the final validation of the HMIs for these systems.

Our skills

Vast experience

  • Language localisation
  • Voice, Display & HMI testing
  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Text-to-speech
  • Repeatability
  • Language independence
  • Multimedia documentation


Sipal’s decades of experience in the development of catalogues has led to the creation of a team of professionals able to provide customers with all-round assistance, from analysis to final realization, the phase in which integration with legacy platforms is a fundamental aspect of the works.

Our services

Analysis and Creation

  • Product Definition: Analysis and creation of Part Numbers to implement in customer systems in order to create spare parts catalogues.
  • Parts Catalogue creation: BoM analysis, 3D model manipulation, illustrations and parts lists creation.
  • Service and operator manuals, aftersales kit manuals: procedure verification, 3D model and illustrations management, all finalized on the customer platform.
  • Creation of brochures for dealer aftersales kits: applicability analysis for each attachment and model, illustration creation and info Tab layout.
  • Creation of engine spare parts catalogues, legacy documentation maintenance and claim resolution for dealer support.
  • Use of Augmented Reality for Technical Training, Commercial Training and Marketing. We rework customer 3D models for use in real time with Hololens Device.


In addition to its consolidated operations over the decades that have made it a reference partner for the automotive sector, SIPAL is making huge investments in the sector, aimed at creating a vast range of new services for the automotive industry, with dedicated spaces, cutting-edge equipment and constant availability of that unique know-how only the Piedmont district can offer in this field. The goal of SIPAL, in every sector it operates in, is and will always be to work as a reliable and complete partner for its customers: leading companies in the automotive and transport sector about to develop new projects find constant assistance in SIPAL, identifying innovative solutions, optimizing of lead times, working at the highest levels of security, all in a single company capable of developing every aspect of the work schedule in the best possible way.