While the sectors Sipal operates in are exceptionally complex, its mission is simple: SIPAL always aims to be an all-round, irreplaceable partner for the engineering world. With such long-standing expertise in Integrated Logistic Support, SIPAL today is capable of approaching both the civil and military markets thanks to its highly developed vocation for design and a team 90% made up of graduate technicians and highly specialized professionals.
With turnover in constant growth and the support of the FININC Group, of which it has been a part since 1988, SIPAL is a solid and reliable partner.


SIPAL was established in the late nineteen-seventies from the idea of a small group of electronic engineers all with great entrepreneurial capacity.
The founder members committed all their energies to creating a veritable pole of aeronautical engineering, with the aim of offering the leading players in the Aerospace and Defence sectors a complete range of Integrated Logistic Support services, including all the security authorisations necessary for operating at the highest levels of secrecy.

The early years

The ‘Eighties

The end of the eighties marked a turning point in the company’s history. In the midst of the crisis in the aerospace sector, SIPAL chose to join the grand Italian industrial group FININC, managing to transform this difficult moment into an opportunity for growth and expanding its activities into the automotive sector as well, to become a major provider of services to leading companies in that sector. This led to the birth of the Automotive sector.

In those same years, to meet the need for security and safeguards for the technical and industrial information handled by Italian Companies in the Defence sector, SIPAL designed and patented cutting-edge products to protect confidential information, which led to the birth of the SIPAL Security Sector.

The growth

The ‘Nineties

The latter half of the nineties marked another development: SIPAL decided not only to provide systems support services to its customers, but systems design services as well. This led to the establishment of the Design sector, and by the start of the new millennium, SIPAL had already become a strategic player in the development and realisation of aeronautical and automotive plant, structures and field equipment.

Where we are now

The new millennium

Over the course of the first two decades of the new millennium, SIPAL has grown in terms of turnover and resources, expanding its operations with new offices and increasing its capacity to penetrate the Italian market.

Today SIPAL is a dynamic company with over 400 highly skilled resources capable of providing global engineering services.


More than 40 years experience with leading clients on the domestic and international scene have made SIPAL a reality capable of assuring maximum flexibility, rapidity and competitiveness, and services tailored to the precise needs of its customers.

Competence and solidity, but dynamism and adaptability as well, and a constant drive toward technological innovation: these are the values our customers and colleagues recognise and appreciate most.


Annual turnover of 47 million Euro


Located in Troy, Michigan, in America's automotive heartland, SIPAL USA boasts extensive experience in a wide range of related sectors, and has gradually expanded its activities to also take in the aerospace sector and general industry.

After almost ten year of experience Sipal India is now An Engineering Consultancy Services company with all required certifications providing solutions for Design, FEA & CFD Analysis, technical publication for Aerospace, Automotive & Heavy Equipment, Power and Industrial sector.

SIPAL 3D Technology, based at Oradea (Romania), give the business in manufacturing engineering and construction of welding and assembly lines for the automotive industry and MGSEs for the Aerospace industry. The company is expanding its scope of business to include all the engineering services already in place in the whole Sipal entity.


NGC is a company specialized in the integration of automatic and manual welding lines for the automotive, aeronautical and agricultural sectors. It offers complete turnkey solutions, including production line development, process planning, electrical and mechanical engineering, assembly and equipment commissioning.

International flights; airborne services including demonstration flights for photo shoots, photogrammetry, cinema and TV shooting; flights for surveys and observations, flights for external and/or internal load transport, flights for economic and professional activities other than transporting passengers or goods, in addition to emergency services in general.