MY-TOK Platform


The my-toK suite is a complete solution for managing all aspects of the technical documentation life cycle, from control to management, editing, printing and display. The suite is made up of independent but highly integrated modules



  • Multilingual documents support;
  • multiuser ambient with authentication and authorisation control;
  • documentation based on DTD (XML and SGML), XML Schema or record traces;
  • support for a wide range of specifications (S1000D, S2000M, S3000L, AER-P, DEFSTAN, MIL 1388-2B, ATA, etc.) and personalisation based on in-house specifications;
  • applicable in various ambits, including:
    • aerospace & defence
    • automotive
    • metropolitan transport systems
  • High security: data and connections encryption


The my-toK S1000D is a CSDB (Common Source Data Base) document manager created for documentation life cycle control management in S1000D format (versions 1.8 to 5.0)


  • DM (Data Module) management in XML and SGML format;
  • simultaneous management of various DTDs/Schemes according to different specifications, including S1000D versions 1.8 to 5.0, in the scope of the same project;
  • integrity control on publication completeness and content “referencing”;
  • remote access option via:
    • SaaS portal
    • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    • Dedicated network
  • option to insert and filter for parameters not present in the DM;
  • DM structure validation according to DTD/Scheme;
  • advanced search/filter functions;
  • DM and graphics Import/Export;
  • CSL, DMRL, DDN Import/Export;
  • graphics management in DWG, DXF, CGM, CG4, TIF, JPG, SVG, GIF, PNG, PDF format;
  • project-related document management (any format capability);
  • management of multiple DM sharing between different projects: possibility of selecting the projects each document is shared on (and if sharing is disabled, option of physically copying it to the project);
  • DTD management in server mode;
  • management of DM internal information (mostly regarding versions);
  • additional information on individual DMs:
    • DTD/scheme used
    • Information on DM share
    • Information on document type (AVEE/AGE/…)
    • Quality Assurance status
  • legacy file management;
  • controls at publication or individual DM level:
    • figure existence
    • link existence
    • document existence
  • possibility of specifying the list of project DMs (DMRL) through an Excel file, with bookmark DM management;
  • integration between CSDB and hotspot creation SW
  • Workflow management;
  • possibility of file association for each DM/PM (without content management);
  • capability of generating DM reports based on status, notes, document history;
  • multi-level note management;
  • project parameter entry.
  • Publisher function (possibility of personalising style sheets for web and pdf print previews);
  • Publication Module creation;
  • Insert and print possibility using parameters not present in the DM;
  • Single DM/PM print management


The my-toK Printer accounts for the creation of printed professional publications, starting from XML (eXtensible Markup Language) documents, using an easy and intuitive graphical interface.


  • User can easily customize stylesheets, according to S1000D or other specifications;
  • Support for multiple graphical formats: CGM, CG4, PNG, BMP, PCX, TIF, JPG, SVG, GIF and PDF;
  • Stylesheets-based output (PDF and PostScript formats supported);
  • User can add and print parameters which are not present in any DM.


Il my-toK Validator – Checks S1000D documents via XML Schema and BREX.


  • DM (Data Module) validation in XML and SGML format;
  • simultaneous management of various XML Schemes according to different specifications, including S1000D versions 1.8 to 5.0


The my-toK S2000M is designed for provisioning data management, and supports S2000M specification versions 3.0 to 6.1
The system features an advanced document generation system in S1000D, which supports versions 2.1 to 5.0.


  • system and project user profiling
  • project generation and management according to specifications 3.0 to 6.1
  • centralized Parts and related attributes management
  • Manufacturers and related attributes management
  • guided project data entry according to specification, starting from the ippn, passing through the figures and relevant illustrations, up to the item
  • S1000D catalogue data module generation (versions 2.0 to 5.0)
  • Data import from my-toK S1000D (for previous data recovery)
  • Specification messaging management


The my-toK S3000L is designed for logistics data management and at present fully implements version 1.0 of the specification.


  • System user profiling
  • Generation of new projects, contracts, products
  • Logistic tree management
  • Parts management
  • Task and subtask management
  • Special event and failure management
  • Applicability management
  • S1000D procedural data module management (versions 2.0 to 5.0)