Automatic solution for processing Contact Centre recordings to monitor and verify potential anomalies in over-the-phone contact acquisition (ref. AGCOM 664/06/CONS Resolution Annex A – Art.2).

The Sipal solution is independent of the contact centre platform used to manage telephone calls and allows the automatic offline analysis of recorded calls by monitoring specific parts of the text and/or the customers’ replies.

The Call-Analyzer classifies calls to focus checks on only the calls identified as being particularly critical.

It can also be used to verify that specific information that the operator must request or acquire to confirm the subscription was actually provided and confirmed by the contract subscriber.

The technology is specialised and optimised to the customer’s context. Starting from the contract scripts that operators follow to handle the call, a custom language model is trained allowing the transcriber’s performance to be optimised.

Sipal technology also allows the use of multiple recognition steps in specific parts of the call to identify and extract useful portions of text for the customer.

For instance, the customer’s confirmation of privacy and confirmation questions when the contract is subscribed can be extracted, together with mandatory data for the activation and management of the contract itself (e.g. master data, meter codes, utility numbers, etc.).


State-of-the-art Voice Recognition technology optimised to the customer’s context.


Complete customisation of the integration mode between the customer’s Data Centre and Sipal’s Data Centre and of input and output formats


Transfer of recorded call audio and associated metadata to the Sipal data centre in secure mode and retained only as long as strictly necessary for processing.

Technical support

Various levels of technical support (even 24 hours a day) can be defined according to specific customer needs.

Daily monitoring

24-hour call processing with full scalability of the solution according to the number of daily calls to be handled. The processed data are made available immediately.

Customised solution

The solution is customisable according to specific needs. Sipal’s full control of the technology means that a tailor-made solution can be provided based on the customer’s objectives.

Functionality of the service

The solution provided by Sipal is completely tailored to the customer’s needs. Full control of the recognition technologies and integration interfaces means that Sipal can provide a solution that is highly optimised for the specific case and not generic.

Sipal works together with the customer providing all-around support and optimising the solution until the highest achievable quality levels are reached.

The pricing model is also highly customisable and attractive with significant volume discounting.

Technical specifications

Speaker-independent ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) with optimised vocabulary and language modelling on customer-supplied scripts.

Measure of call intelligibility: critical calls are identified, including background noise, overly fast operator speech, interfering voices, etc.

Extraction of parameters: master data, confirmations, codes can be extracted and verified against what the CC operator has transcribed.

Fully scalable solution according to the number of calls to be processed and the required processing time.

Safety guaranteed by the highest applied and certified standards.